My Guest Post on the Aha! Blog

Once upon a time, I wrote a thing.

In the early 2010s, I was an active blogger on the topic of product management. As part of my process of learning my craft, I participated in a loud debate among the online product management community which was trying to define the difference between the agile product owner role and true business product management.


My thinking at the time, partly shaped by the organization I was in, led me to advocate a top-down approach where a product manager drives the roadmap and outward facing activities, in partnership with a product owner who is more focused on development activities and backlog management.

I was invited to share a post on the blog of Aha!, a provider of product management roadmapping software. I found out a few years later from Aha!‘s CEO, Brian De Haff, that this post was among the top performing posts on the Aha! blog.

And here it is: The Product Manager vs. Product Owner

As a postscript, I must confess that my view has now changed.

Having seen the flaws of this model, I now advocate narrower full-stack product roles, where individuals own both the outward and inward facing activities. The issue of product manager overload is better managed with via breadth of responsibility. Brian took a similar position in his rebuttal.

What do you think?

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